Wakala wa Maendeleo ya Uongozi wa Elimu

Library Services


The Agency for the Development of Educational Management (ADEM) Library has a major role to manage the vast collection of research materials and other specialized services. This is an academic department which disseminate and provides access and guidance to the variety of information resources to fulfill information needs to ADEM users.

 In keeping with the central role, and in support of the core mission and vision of the institute, ADEM Library plays a significant role in the accomplishment of the institute’s role of facilitating the provision of qualitative and quantitative training in leadership and management in the education system through training, research and consultancy services in educational management and administration and hence produce both effective and efficient professional educational managers and administrators in the education sector.


The Agency for the Development of Educational Management (ADEM) Library has a seating capacity of 200 users at a time. A part  for the library in ADEM Bagamoyo, ADEM has a mini library at ADEM Mbeya Campus and ADEM Mwanza Campus which has the capacity of approxmately 70 users at a time.Therefore overall capacity of ADEM Library is estimates to be over 270 users at a time. This Library is also used by members of academic and administrative staff.

Function of the ADEM Library

The key functions of ADEM Library are:

To promote learning amongst students and teachers by providing circular and reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, atlases, gazetteers, monographs etc.

To create awareness of latest references in Education Leadership Management and School Quality Assurance fields of learning to the institute’s community.

To orient users  on how to search for materials in the library which are not common to patrons(new users) especially new students.

To support the Vision of the institute  being the Centre of Excellence in Educational Leadership and Management Training, Research and Consultancy in East Africa.

To guide and train users in accessing relevant information efficiently.

To provide  of research journals and general knowledge publications and facilities.

Other clerical services  include 

  • Provision of daily newspapers in the institute.
  • Provision of photocopy, printing, scanning and binding facilities.
  • Web browsing/searching facilities through Wi-Fi Internet facility within library.

Other Services

ADEM Institutional Repository

ADEM is well established in research and consultancy services which yield to publications of vital information papers in order to make them available to our potential users the Institute installed the Institutional Repository (DSPACE) which allows uploading of all reviewed publications from ADEM staff and Students.

Library Membership

All members of academic and administrative staff and registered students are entitled to use the library. The Institute’s members have the right to borrow library materials. Students’ library membership expires automatically after completion of the programme.

The Deputy Chief Executive-Academic Research and Consultancy (DPARC) and Head of the Library Department may admit other authorized persons who are not members of the Institute to use the library. External members are required to send email or letters requesting permission to use library resources as well as the library services. External members may not have the privilege to borrow library materials unless authorized in writings.

Opening Hours.



Opening Hours


Main Library

Monday - Friday

9:00 A.M. - 22:00 P.M and 

Saturdays 7:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. 
Public Holidays




Opening Hours

 Mbeya Library Monday - Friday
8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M 
The Library is closed on Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays.




Opening Hours

 Mwanza Library Monday - Friday

9:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M 


The Library remain closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Library Services

The library collection has more than 8134 print volumes, consisting of bibliographic and full text databases, electronic resources, electronic journals and growing institute’s digital repository may be accessed via reserved shelves and open shelves. The following   services  are offered by the ADEM Library:

Special Reserve Services: 

Special reserve services are provided under special reserve section, this section was established to ensure that text books in high demand are strictly used within the Library only. Students borrow these books using their institute identity cards within a specified period time. Academic and administrative staffs are allowed to borrow books from special reserve section for specified periods of time depending on the nature of the book borrowed.

References Services.

ADEM library provides reference service to answer reference queries of customers. This enables customers to get the relevant information they need. However, if this section is not well managed it can endanger general provision of library services. Therefore, having procedures that guide reference services is of paramount importance.

Lending Services

Lending services comprise all activities around the lending of library books and other materials to users of ADEM library. A circulation or lending department is one of the key departments of a libraryIt provides lending services and facilities for issuing of library materials, return of loaned items and renewal of materials. Payments of fines are also handled at the lending desk. Circulation or lending  library materials to staff members provides basic search and reference services, though more in-depth questions are usually referred to reference librarian at the library reference desk.

Information Literacy Training

The Institute library provides information literacy training to all kinds of users ranging from students, academic and all members of administrative staff. Library users are trained on how to search materials from different databases from free database and those which are subscribed by the institute by using various searching techniques.

Internet Service

 Users can use their own laptops for searching different electronic databases, journals and other websites for the academic purpose via wireless internet services within the library and nearby areas due to the internet parameters settings.

It is deceitful to say that a library can fulfill all the needs of its users from its own collection, that is why ADEM library practice resource sharing to yield satisfaction of users’ information needs.

Newspapers Services

Newspapers are important in ADEM as they inform users on current issues happening nationally and worldwide. Management of Newspapers ensures availability of all current and retrospective news. Since, newspapers are important for research and historical purposes, preservation and conservation is very important to enable existence of information. In case indexing, binding and arrangement of newspapers ensures safety of the content.

Library Units

The ADEM Library is comprised of several units which aid in provision its services. These involved: 

Bags point unit

Reserve unit

Periodical unit

Reference unit

Technical unit

Library Rules and Regulations.

ADEM Library intends to give better services to its users.  In order to provide an atmosphere for conducive use of its services and facilities the users are required to comply with the Library Rules and Regulations listed below.

    1.  Drinking, eating and smoking are not allowed in the library.

2.  No bags, umbrellas, parcels etc, except files and books may be brought into the Library.

3.  All users are subject to declare all their possessions for inspection.

4.  Silence must be observed strictly in the Library mobile phone  pagers and watch alarms should be switched off before entering the Library. Failure to comply with, will result to a penalty of Tshs. 1000/= or Dismissal and other Disciplinary measures (student by law). Library books and other materials are to be handled carefully.   

5. Theft and damage of library materials is a criminal offense.  Anyone    caught attempting to steal or mutilate library materials will be reported to the relevant disciplinary organs for further actions.

6. The library will not accept responsibility for lost or misplacement of personal belongings.

7. Users should be decently dressed and conduct themselves in proper manner. ‘khanga, kitenge, capes, overcoat and shorts are not allowed in the Library.

8. Reservation of seats is not allowed.

9. Library Staff on Duty have the right to request a user to leave the premise if found violating any of the library rules and regulations.

ADEM Library Staff Members

The library is endowed with highly qualified academic and professional staffs who work hard to satisfy user’s information needs. Library staffs are encouraged to be receptive and innovative in proving quality services to users.