Wakala wa Maendeleo ya Uongozi wa Elimu



  1. What is the format for Form 4 or Form 6 index number needed to apply?
    The Form 4 or Form 6 Index number should be written in the following format: S4457/0003/2020; The first segment should contain the center number,the second segment contain the student number and third segment should contain the year of completion. Note: Each segment is separated by forward slash (/); try as much as possible to follow the format, failure will result the admission system to fail to access your result records hence not qualify for admission.
  2. What is an AVN number for diploma? How can I get it?
    Award Verification Number (AVN) is acquired once the diploma graduate who wish to join higher learning degree programme is verified by NACTE through going verification procedures which can be found by visiting their website and clicking 'Award Verification Number' menu (Click here to visit NACTE website). Alternatively you can access the NACTE AWARD VERIFICATION SYSTEM (NAVS) directly by clicking here.

    Note: The admission system will not accept and process the equivalent applications without the AVN number.
  3. Do I need to pay first in order to start applying?
    No, you do not need to pay first in order to start your applications. However you will be required to pay upon finishing filling your application forms as well before submitting your application.
  4. How can I get my authentication code?
    The authentication code that will allow you to login for the first time will be sent to your email and phone number. It is highly recommended that you fill your valid email and phone number that will continually be accessible by you so as the University can reach you for further information regarding your application.